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We provide the very best Exterminators and Pest Controllers in Pretoria, work fast to eliminate all kinds of invasive pests and will eradicate bugs within your home or place of business in no time! Whats more, we also provide a full range of preventative measures to stop the problem arising again. If you are suffering from mice, rats or rodents, insects, cockroaches, bugs, ants or termites, we can help. Using the latest in eco-friendly treatments, our process is quick, harmless to humans or pets and can be completed in no time.

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No matter what your pest issues might be, one call to our friendly team is all it takes. Our specialists are fully trained to detect and treat a wide range of pest problems as well as professionals in the art of Pest fumigation Pretoria wide. We have spent many years fine tuning our services to cover any eventuality that may occur at your home or business premises. We commonly deal with spraying troublesome unwanted pests around the home, including full termite fumigation services as well as laying rodent traps to control mice & rat issues.

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Many pest problems in Pretoria can also carry with them a big health risk. Controlling pests such as cockroaches is paramount around the home and essential if you run a business with food preparation areas. Wood boring beetles, ants and termites also carry health issues, not to mention the damage that can be caused if not spotted early or left untreated. Thankfully, our team is experienced in all areas of pest and bug control. We can quickly assess the severity or your problem and provide immediate and effective treatment there and then. The idea is to remove the problem fast and then provide our clients with the preventative measures needed to stop the issue reoccurring. Thats what we do best, and we use safe pesticides that only effect the problem, not the environment!

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There are a number of pest problems that can occur within the home or at your business, the severity of which can vary depending on your location and your proximity to food sources or trash bins. Bugs can also be seasonal, for instance ant problems tend to occur when its hotter and bees issues tend to only appear when its dryer. Whatever the cause might be, you can rely on our experts to use their experience to provide the best advice and treatment without having to break the bank.

Keeping a clean home is also a good way to keep pests at bay. Bed bug problems can spread fast if your mattress isn’t cleaned and hovered regularly and if you have pets such as dogs or cats, you need to be aware of fleas within your home as they can prove difficult if an infestation breaks out.

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Unless you are a lover of bugs (not many people are!) you will not want to tackle a pest infestation yourself, besides, in some cases this could be dangerous, especially with Bees, all kinds of spiders and some insects. To be safe, its best to call in the professionals to tackle the issue, after all, this is what they are trained to do. We offer a wide range of treatment programmes and also provide regular maintenance and prevention contracts for corporate clients, commercial business owners and landlords. We believe strongly in delivering a service that is proficient, efficient and above all else good value for money. We wont be beaten on price or value for money so call us today on 087 551 0799

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